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Creating an Avatar has never been easier! Creating an Avatar is about personal expression and with this you are part of the community. You can tell people more about yourself, games you've reviewed, your favourite games, interests, music and more!

We have made it as simple as 1, 2, 3! for you to choose your face, smile, hairstyle, accessories and much, much more. There are thousands of combinations to choose from. The avatars displayed below are only some of the recently created Avatars users have made.
How to Create your personalized Avatar picture:

Sign up!
First you must Sign Up for an account so that when you create your own Avatar Picture we have a place to save it for you. To Sign Up Click HERE
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Make Avatar
Click on this link Make Avatar. This will take you to the Avatar Creator.
Note: You need Flash 8 or higher to use the Avatar Maker.
Save Avatar Picture
Make your avatar by selecting hairstyles, smiles, colors, etc. and click on the Save Button and you're done! You now have your very own personalized Avatar.

Recently created avatars:
  If you have any suggestions about what features you would like to see added to the Avatar Maker, please use this email form. We strongly believe in our community and your opinions are very important to us!
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