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Web Games vs. Downloadable Games

There are two types of Web Games, Premium Web Games and Standard Web Games.

1) Premium Web Games are simplified versions of the Downloadable Games that you can play online, right in your web browser. With these games you get:

  • Basic game play and graphics
  • A quick, fun diversion right in your web browser
  • No download required…but you must be connected to the Internet

2) Standard Web Games are just really simple distractions that have a very limited game experience.

Downloadable Games are enhanced versions of a game that offers much more than the Premium Web Games. You can download the free trial of a Downloadable Game at anytime. With Downloadable Games you get:

  • Advertisement free games, with no Internet connection required
  • More game modes
  • Extra bonus features and power-ups
  • Richer game experience
  • High-resolution graphics and special effects, even 3D
  • Play anytime with no connection to the Internet
  • Plus, you can save your game progress and your high scores!

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