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Game Avatars
Game Avatars

You can create your own personal Avatar profile on You will first be asked to create an account so that when you make your Avatar it has an account name associated to it. We can’t save your Avatar if we don’t know who made it, after all this is your Avatar.

There are two-ways where Avatars are used:

  • You will see all over the website, pictures of other Club Members who have created their own personal Avatars. You can post public reviews, rate games, give your feedback, and much more!

  • Games developed by have a built in feature where you can use your created Avatar right in the Downloadable Game. When you compete for global High Sores your unique Avatar picture and profile name will be displayed in lights! You will also earn BeanPoints for top scores.

These Downloadable Games support High Score Avatars!

  • Mah-Jomino Deluxe, to download click here
  • W....secret... coming soon!

Avatar Maker requires Flash 8 or higher to operate.

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