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Blackjack, Texas Hold'em Poker, Video Poker, Roulette, Slots, and Word Ace in a gorgeous, social package! Play, compete, show off, and make friends!
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Discover a land of wonder and danger! Be the hero the world needs!
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The idyllic Fairy Land is threatened by chaos. Help King Feodor restoring peace and order to his realm in this solitaire adventure!
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Zombie Solitaire 2: Chapter 2 (98 MB)
A solitaire adventure game chockfull of fun surprises and pesky zombies.
Jewel Match Solitaire Collector's Edition (175 MB)
Return to the world of Jewel Match in this beautiful Solitaire adventure with 320 levels, multiple play variants, 8 castles to build, and much more!
Solitaire Valentine's Day 2 (46 MB)
Explore 12 unforgettable periods in a relationship
Zombie Solitaire 2: Chapter 1 (86 MB)
The zombies are back! Play your solitaire cards right on your action-packed escape to survive!
Rainforest Solitaire (136 MB)
Are you up to the challenge? Play addictive TriPeaks solitaire in the tropical forest and see how far you can go.
Cursed House 3 (69 MB)
This house is cursed and it has been a haven of evil spirits for as long as anyone can remember. Do you dare to banish them?
Solitaire Detective: Framed (55 MB)
Take part in the investigation, coupled with dangerous adventures and help Mary save the groom!
Solitaire 220 Plus (53 MB)
Solitaire 220 Plus is a huge collection of Solitaire games and varieties on it presented in excellent HD quality.
The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire (159 MB)
Defeat the forces of darkness and defend Emerland by uniting the races of the world against the evil sorcerer, Sat, in this magical card game!
Slingo Quest (12 MB)
The latest spin on Slingo offers more ways to play than you can imagine: multi-card games, arcade styles and more! Take the quest!
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