Featured Jane's Hotel Hint:
Keep your decor funky fresh, with fun items to purchase. But don't forget! Some things have a general upkeep you need to make sure of!

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Pajama Sam Lost + Found (13 MB)
Help Sam find his favorite toys in this action-packed arcade game.
Wings of Honor (26 MB)
Two groups of flying aces are pitted against each other. Which side are you one?
Atomaders 2 (24 MB)
Don't let the disastrous cyborg invasion start!
Cradle of Persia (28 MB)
Build the heart of Ancient Persia in this engaging puzzle game and release the Genie!
Garden Defense (57 MB)
Backyards across Lindencroft are under attack by merciless, flower-eating pests!
Mr Robot (29 MB)
Use your platform jumping skills to avoid traps and enemy robots.
Hungry Crows (9 MB)
Help Sam get to his best friend’s birthday party.
DragonStone (35 MB)
A world of fantasy and enchanting visuals are brought to life in DragonStone, an epic puzzle adventure game!
Restaurant Rush (44 MB)
Grease the skillet and prepare for Restaurant Rush! It's match-3 gameplay with time management strategy in 80 mouthwatering levels!
Ouba: The Great Journey (37 MB)
Rescue the Ouba’s and rebuild the village!
Diner Dash: Flo Through Time (28 MB)
Join Flo and Grandma on a thrilling adventure through time!
Granny in Paradise (12 MB)
While on vacation, Granny's cats go missing. Help Granny rescue her precious kitties and thwart the plans of Dr. Meow.
The Office (41 MB)
Play All The Fast-Paced Fun of the Hit TV Series!
Defender of the Crown (55 MB)
The beloved Cinemaware classic returns! Battle five cunning lords for control of medieval England.
Wik & The Fable of Souls (17 MB)
Collect shiny coins, precious gems, green grubs, and slimy bugs!
Peggle Deluxe (15 MB)
Do you have what it takes to become a Peggle Master? Take your best shot! Ready, aim... bounce!
Diner Dash: Hometown Hero (21 MB)
On a visit to her hometown, Flo and her Grandma Florence take a stroll down memory lane. Can you help them restore some of Flo's favorite places?
Operation Mania (46 MB)
It's one emergency after another as you manage the mayhem of a wacky Emergency Room!
FarmMania (49 MB)
Enjoy fast and furious farming fun with FarmMania!
Parking Dash (20 MB)
To keep customers happy, you'll have to be quick to click as you rack and stack automotive gems!
Sally's Studio Collector's Edition (105 MB)
Join Sally as she travels the world helping people feel their best!
Sally's Quick Clips (86 MB)
Sally’s back, in the most addictive styling blend of match-3 and time management gameplay!
Beach Party Craze (44 MB)
Hit the beach in a contest to earn the most money!
Sparkle (25 MB)
Free the Crowberry Woods from the shadow of Darkness.
Aveyond 2 (33 MB)
Rescue Iya and defeat the Snow Queen!
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