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Apr 08, 2018
Post subject: and that running in Post Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 3:57 am
I had a very similar reaction to this bit of marketing from Vivobarefoot, and too feel that they make great shoes, so it’s a real shame that there marketing department need to do the hard sell and mis-represent the findings of Prof. Leiberman’s study. For me it sullies the brand, so achieves the exact opposite of it’s intention, but then perhaps those who care about scientific rigorousness are in the minority… or at least the marketing folks seem to assume that.One element I see crop up over and www.johanweststeijn.nlover again in the minimialist shoe marketing is diagrams of Nike Air Max TN Femme runner – the heel striker at point of landing whilst over-stridding, and the non heel striker with their foot right underneath them or often even behind their COM. This advert does it, Inov8 has some marketing that tries to illustrate a progression that has the heel striker to forefoot strike and does exactly the same thing and these aren’t in anyway alone in this. What all these diagrams shoe is the “natural” runner late in stance, but sold as if they have just landed, and the heel striker right at the beginning of stance and doing a dreadful over-stride. This type of marking is never like for like. It’s basically deceit.I can’t help but feel that marketing and over-zelous evangelism does harm to the minimialist and barefoot movement. Short term gain for long term Nike Air Max 95 Femme pain. It’s like the marketing departments are locked into matching Nike Air Max 90 Mujer either sides outlandish psuedo-science and unsustainable claims, actually telling the truth gets lost in the hype.Which is shame because my expectation is that with time the more evidence will come to support minimalist and barefoot running as a valuable approach to running. The house of cards of high heel drops and motion control shoes is already crumbling, one needn’t create a new house of cards built on pseudo science or mis-representing proper science as an alternative.I do hope that publicly calling out the dubious marking, like you have done here, will help keep a check on the silliness. Kudos to kick the ball into play.personally like to apologise for our over-enthusiastic response to Prof. Liebermans research (I’ve been making and promoting barefoot Nike Air Max 90 Damen shoes, against the tide, since 2003 and this was an exciting moment!).Adidas Ultra Boost Femme We are currently updating our approach. It is true that nothing is ‘proven’, and it is true that over-striding whilst forefoot striking can be just as injurious as heel striking, and it’s worth noting that the sample set in Dan’s latest study were all elite athletes.But, ‘twice’ as many injuries and up to 8% more efficient is statistically significant whichever way you slice and dice it.Uncommon Sense: Barefoot is best, and we’re more enthusiastic than ever to be part of the revolution to encourage anyone that is not happy heel striking in overly padded shoes to re-discover proprioception and good form fore foot running… All our focus is on trying to make the best ‘barefoot’ products (with maximum proprioception) we can and on creating education for healthy Nike Air VaporMax Femme transitions… Lets join forces and do what we can to help educate the Nike Air Max 270 Hombre world about the benefits of fore foot strike (barefoot) running that we know and loveMy sensitivity on this issue is that all too often claims are made by shoe companies that either distort or or are not supported by the scientific evidence. This is how we wound up with things like the pronation control paradigm (which Runner’s World seems to have just abandoned in their most recent issue), the wet test, the role of cushioning, heel lifts, etc. I believe that barefoot running can be of benefit, and that running in minimalist shoes can as well. I am a supporter of both myself as anyone who reads this blog can tell. But, people are individuals with individual backgrounds of past shoe wear, physical activity,Nike Air Max 270 Donne health issues (e.g., diabetes), etc., so we need to be careful Nike Air Max 270 Femme in a blanket approach to footwear for all. Some people may in fact need a bit more shoe for any number of reasons, and that’s ok. What’s important is that there is now variety in the market, and people can choose more minimal shoes like yours if they want (as I have myself).
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