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Pizza Frenzy

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Reviewer:  undiep
Location:  United States
Though you are only a pizza delivery boy/girl, this game is much more exciting than the real life job must be. When you aren't memorizing and delivering pizza orders, turning in prank callers to the cops, collecting money, or exactly copying pre-made pizzas for extra dough, you can make your own pizzas and sell them for even more cash. A frantic clicker to be sure, it keeps from becoming stale by utilizing new locations and interjecting mini-challenges to keep you entertained.

Pizza Frenzy

6 MB
Estimated download time:
Cable/DSL: 11 seconds
Dial-up: 15 minutes


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Pizza Frenzy is a wacky action/puzzler that puts you in charge of your own pizza delivery empire! Reflexes and quick thinking are required to handle all the orders.

This fast-paced game will keep your mouse clicking with rewarding action and pattern matching.

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3 Modes: Speed, Memory and Simon Says
Dozens of Levels and 12 Exotic Locations
A Big Cast of Unique Customers
Create Your Own Pies With the Pizza Editor
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Minimum System Requirements:
Windows 98/2000/Me/XP
Processor: PIII 500 MHz
128 MB RAM
Free hard drive space: 6 MB
SVGA Video Card
Sound Card
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Pizza Frenzy
Written by: candy_for_all  | Read all reviews by this user

fun and fluffy gameplay and bizarre pizza topings... icecube pizza anyone?

some could find this a little bit too easy depending on s**** level

this is one of the best games ever! ok so it's not the hardest game you will find on here. but it is one of the best. it's got simple gameplay on the normal mode, though you can choose between this and a memory one. it adds the idfficulty y adding new characters (not all for the best) with the best part of the game being the bonus level where you try to copy the layout of toppings on piz...
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