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Reviewer:  lunar
Location:  United States
this game is different than other actions games ive played or is this a puzzle game?or maybe both?dunno lol.anyway love the graphics.its like the first puzzle game i got hooked to bcuz i nvr download any puzzle games just arcade/action games where u have to have time management and clik a lot and etc etc.but like any other puzzle game it gets boring and/or afteru finish it u prolly wont play it anymore


22 MB
Estimated download time:
Cable/DSL: 40 seconds
Dial-up: 55 minutes


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Pack your puzzle skills for a trip that's full of brain-bending fun in the colorful town of Profitville. Once home to a bustling main street, Profitville's shops have fallen to ruin since the MegaMarts moved in. Help return Profitville to its former glory

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Ruin the bully mega mart
Fun-loving levels
Restore the town!
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Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
CPU: 800 Mhz
RAM: 128
DirectX: 6.0
Hard Drive: 30 MB
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This a really cool game
Written by: lilsugar  | Read all reviews by this user

Easy and fun

not long enough to play a full game.

It was really easy to play and I had a lot of fun playing. I would tell any one to try it. The color is great and it 's really something that you have to look at in order to win.
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